Sunday, December 28, 2014

"nyima lungtog tenzing norbu"

aletheia, global illumination
council, conditions of human
existence, swink, combinations
of hostile and emotional, the
logo is missing, how is your
reading experience, cluster mc,
purple money, ils:c, hillel, the
haddocks, kurt beaulieu,
nyima lungtog tenzing norbu,
sending even one piece of mail
to a stranger, cascadia,
enrique vila-mata, alexandre
vauthier, admin art,
beautiful megalomania,
rosicrucianism, assisted
levitation, the pataphysics
society, international klein
blue, nilla, midori, brofanity,
tra il dire e il fare,
dream egos, athabasca onion
rings, please no periods, iain,
three thousand dollar

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