Sunday, December 14, 2014

"pir valayat"

masoretes, mitsumata, the kozo
plant, arête, mikkeller, funky
star, funky e-star, still remains,
csccgb cluster, glioblastoma,
hotel easy chair, moss lamp,
hamsas, parastamps, contributed
historical ephemera, how to
snare a bunny, you ought to
have filled this blank, pick
a letter any letter, tnr,
blank lit, bashing the castle,
most people don’t know what
it means, how to do things with
words, peterson’s the cage,
radical campus, networking
currents, shoah, pir valayat,
alt-x, the culture of cities,
black athena, death of the
liberal class, what is property,
randle e-race, politics and
passion, crime as an american
way of life, two-eighty-five
bungalow drive, tatlin’s
monument, who controls the
media, returning the gaze,
locating memory, news from
nowhere, cartographies of
violence, male chastity,
denial of death,

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