Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"emberiza cirlus"

broken ring, sleep walks, brophone,
un-timidate, addled-essence,
a bad googling habit, what a
sat, hazel shredded my stamp
pad, la utilidad de la vecina,
the owl shrine covered in moss,
trashpo, affective events theory,
alpha-ethyl tryptamine,
constraint-based theory, brake
horsepower, emberiza cirlus,
bottom hole pressure, venous
hum, spontaneous otoacoustic
emissions, minimum required
for redemption, pok, one has
the gumption, bropower, she’s
reading the wine encyclopedia
cover to cover, stift goettweig
messwein gru, pock, biopic
biopsy, counterfeit, exlax
xanax, when the summons comes,
one is off the hook,
re-election by accused,
the status of the jury,
nothing is going to go astray,
freedom to create, spirit to
achieve, gretchen doll, k
lagani, a very cluster,
sometimes it’s better,

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