Saturday, December 13, 2014


concrete all around, orange claw
hammer, concrete coatings, art
fraud, every never say every,
pained in full, commun, what
are you going to do with that
money, bulk garlic, old paint,
george is the walrus, shade
of froid, merz apothecary,
aren’tist, the world island,
telugu, the t in your ptsd,
toleware, arte em todos os
sentidos, psychic banking,
outsmart mother nature,
emmanuelle, forever turnip,
glenbow pulcinella, miracle day,
bricklaying, dada shave,
extra-linear dynamics,
palestra, verstiegenheit,
the man who knows his
limitations has none, zyxt,
cisgender, unliveable error,
nooser, drain that pen,
social victim,

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