Tuesday, December 02, 2014


the satis factory, tyrannus,
any human creature on this
earth, bleu benedicton, styro-
label, memorize the location,
anal copy, sable island, paul
illsley, remembering apparatus,
membranes day, obfucks, this
is just one big makework
project, cluster of jigsaw
puzzle pieces, coil of happiness
ethnography, aspergum, eleven
eleven eleven, anarchy pod,
stolen images, symmys, chillins,
the great list, queen maya,
the original gretchen,
mouscron, warhol’s troy,
ruido latino, pozatal, okay
that’s going to leave a mark,
fantastic fly, emaciated
sakyamuni, botched the
cunt, power monster,
ventaja del método, claim
the face, pink turns to gray,
meat serape, james dean and

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