Sunday, December 07, 2014


bentspoon building, unpop art,
mandy bright, gleich’s syndrome,
kopi luwak, c, no concrete center,
intertemporal choice, boon granting
gesture, intertemporal consumption,
stratu, maybe next week, tubal
libation, this will all fade to
nothing, kick cluster, pèlerin,
aeshna, canadian bank note,
erni bär, what makes you think
anybody would want to see this,
happification, blattaria
implacablus, sewer roaches,
fantods, har-tru, a brisk
albertan voiceover, covertly
high in the enfield, one-hitter,
pargeted, dendriurethane,
athscme, so photocopy, spell
haettenschweiler, panman,
orange six,

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