Wednesday, December 31, 2014


montanism, maz, modunk,
akathisia, the beard line,
mast-allah, mazjoob,
tepoztecatl, cucking-stool,
discrepancy cinema, bitism,
as much as a penny will buy,
crislip, the bookmark has served
it’s purpose, the etymology of
winnipeg, ccb cluster, xerxes
irani, the phone doesn’t do it,
keep an eye on your minutes,
every customer helps, tty,
makhniashvili, rutilant,
pronator teres, senza errori,
tan lin bib, because we both
belonged to the network,
the grail castle, sedoka,
systems aesthetics, art
unidentified, hey c’mon
exordium, nevermind the
font, concrete skidoo,

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