Monday, December 01, 2014


actually existing anarchy, eye
wad, poontangler, pink fist, koli,
loki double, odcb cluster,
you see this red mark, you see
these creases, the rcp, you have
machines in your head,
nebulizers, the dali lama’s
shit, cyanide security,
ontological shock, wilton,
vimid, matériel, danse macabre,
logs too much memory, six you
ess, grandma penny, shrinktech,
philscafe net, bashert, let no
drug, busy being alone, ed
mccurdy, vimy, mottled app,
time sifters, frank film,
glenbow org impress, braconid,
triangle post, carl chew,
artozoic, ur-toy, fatal

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