Monday, December 22, 2014

"decaisnea fargesii"

human readable messages,
josquin gf, mahasiddha,
remedia amoris, the tail is
actually a bit of clothing,
the number will come to you
when you need it, concrete
eggs, carmine all, a fine
toothed poem, bohemian grove,
sustainably sourced, at the
happy garden, mcqueen road,
p-dope, manitol, the orangeline,
newsletter temple, spiral ham,
keisha green, the to in blue,
kairan, blue quandong,
decaisnea fargesii, moss on
a rooftop makes the footing
dangerous, grey owl aka
archie belaney, schmiffism,
trance cadence, speedprint,
toner train, cheque for
errers, let go of junior,

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