Wednesday, December 03, 2014


nekton, gar-amond, ecosophy,
this receipt ten years from now,
alcoholic doubts, in the thick of
the word, prorector, onancaa, tvr,
attacata, orange dumpsters,
ciselé, kokoshnik, sururalist,
kwakwaka’wakw, you roll your
eyes at your own text, slish
slash, lowrentcy, human texts,
ambassade d’utopia, bacia
lettera, the redemption of trash,
touch up those creases, compare
with the oh eight version, eve
nod, how to kill a cat, sorry is
redundant, donna polka,
symmetry: none, no symmetry
with respect to either axis or
the origin, liquidex, barriers
to listening, non-newtonian
fluid, summerhawk,
saargebiet, shakyamuni,
república corporal, gar eighty,
copy original what’s the diff,
bloodspot dot, la differenza
si ved, gac, luisenplatz,
mail art love, blousegrave,
nodd gal, rosh, a white
elephant entered her,

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