Monday, December 23, 2013


smackdada, fanx, is this some kind
of symbol, you will like this until
you find out whodunnit, how do
you like the new machine: image-
runner, you could back it off to
the cyberpoint, don’t try and use
your pussy, can’t even spell
original, this is from the red dot
collection, why do i always feel
burned by these people, black
carrots, a complete collection
of grocery lists, you might
squeak thru, baba must go,
the thump of the rubberstamp,
pure perceivers, the immaculate
perception, gloves of glass, alpa,
overthrow-devils, nexting, dot
concrete, absaroka, concrete
ties, sun kink, read glas,
people with common names,
nothing but, kind of grayish,
oh you will be able to tell,
machine-like, the plan is flat,
emphasize all errors, chunk
this on somebody, e-crystal,
anarchist art, the daily shit-
load, don’t even try, find
your way to my house, fcx,
do you want me to stop,
you can hardly tell the
texts are ten years apart,
art out in the dumpster,

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