Friday, December 06, 2013


pageviews, bubble trumps, heart
ego crushers, lennonization,
hydromorph, memeright, an empath,
one is visually motivated,
saltyshadow, verticalwhite,
rubberstamps are for idiots,
sctb cluster, the marks that are
already on the paper, read head
love, mailart began in nineteen
sixty-two, joseph roulin,
condividere, paper is organic
material, how do you feel
about sparkles, all four ways
are up, we can’t seem to see
ourselves, is this really your
hand, oh that’s a font, i
thot your printer was on the
fritz, paix pain, printed on
paint, nonelective affinities,
holy tribe, every country
harboring, the witchburn,
cornpone, garbage time, the
politics of inconvenience,
indigenous literature, find
the least annoying text you
can find, generalized land
theft, the plank road,

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