Saturday, December 14, 2013

"quandam desert"

watch those margins, aptana,
meatus, a market does not have one
way, ornithopter, mozilla
seabird, everything that reminds
me of you, this will be the last,
the long decline, addiction to
difference, embricated, exurb,
aerosol city, threshold
community, bonusing, creative
city, democratic deviance,
heretic’s fork, energy poverty,
arrival city, bullet paintings,
hopefully the scanner won’t see,
mirorim, you can tell by the
number of lines, unfold your
memories, one is at a loss, try
to desee, unsee, precise margins,
you can’t fool yourself, post
it, leave it blank forever,
a particular desert we have
to cross, one likes to forget,
the freewheeler, amie calling,
texas must go, quandom
desert, dimgasm, gasm, nothing
to do with wine, avatar
magic, out a day, on an
inside day, jockey it over,
see the smile, see the
seahorse, hard to tell,

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