Sunday, December 29, 2013


escobedo cabral, a hamilton,
separate the art from the money,
refuse to respond, your art fills
me with the urge, ego-tech,
negative add and pass, sonnenblume,
you’re too big for this tiny town,
meiji, keep your body to yourself,
other people’s love letters, lucy
church amiably versus, self-
lubricating plastic frames,
we don’t want no body, wriggling
expertise, customize this flyer
and re-post, you might be a
giant, undergarments such as
socks, oft ampa, just say no to
postage, helianthus annuus,
used lipbalm, why pink, a pile
of rubble in the mail, so
much depends on presentation,
diaper pin, might as well fill
the box up, we can’t really
have exposed boobs on the
cover can we, you’re kind of
attached to your cuttlefish
bone, the envelope got soaked,
post-porn, the ecology soldiers,
here have some soup, the inside
and the outside of your
body, poetry is swell, find
my way to your house,

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