Sunday, December 08, 2013


wakest, et fnac, spider’s lord, jerk
freakish none, ideal menu, baalam,
non-visual becoming, jerk refined
dishonors sparkle, art spook,
mockumental, vanburen, unsold
kitten, mere loon, like so alert,
limited liability company,
enthusiastically to cold hard
cash, cyber-skirmishes,
explosive-laden calif house,
tizag, tonight hasn’t happened
yet, manning the table, we need
to talk, plski ogork, vopctm
cluster, the sting of all, the
bottom of the gee, minority
rights, indigena politica agenda,
idea for a war, eastern red,
eatless trance, open bracket
arr close bracket evolution,
the coconut smell of gorse,
xthulga, seborrhoeic
dermatitis, pageview warrior,

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