Sunday, December 01, 2013

"faucon pèlerin"

stuckism, barbizon, morgellons
syndrome, internal error, new
improved without the fold, there
must be a whole deck, attention
please, we’re getting a little
tried, it all came down to the
quality of the ill usion, the
condor catchers, bp stands for,
personality conflicts aside,
käsebier, falcon versus horse,
faucon pèlerin, jorge peral,
purchase a chat, the ten
dollar whale, goodie rings,
vhyc b cluster, squeegeers,
cultural lobotomy, shrink
wrapped scrap metal, be
careful you don’t misfile,
waiting for the artist to
die, children are vectors of
disease, fsi, it’s head
embedded in a curved,
cut-up oranges in tupperware,
a book about oranges, how
to see orange, blood burns
orange, the archeology of
orange, local hat,

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