Tuesday, December 10, 2013


a silent poetry performance,
superproduction of postcards,
one will not be making any
credit transfers, pétrel de
barau, lfa, the way you tear
into it, where did you get the
dee from, you matter to earth,
polyeuro, sex never sleeps,
metapractical, flum, filler
rubberstamp, pulate, collab
ballocks, esem, always already
published, collaborating with
your self, esim, the scale of the
work, my rest induction hat,
bomb candy, blister spork,
ambulition, the jakes, urinous,
lempira, lap-suce, axillism,
hypergraphomania, i let
you drop, making your last
five copies ever, replicate
your signature, cmg, i peel
cluster, the carriage trade,
elevation of the house to
a cultural, glue-lam beam,
neoteric, cabanon, giardia
lamblia, trophozoites,
moss-flecked water, you’re
getting a little flay,
eye here, no umlauts
please, penny margin,

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