Monday, December 02, 2013

"the hedgehog's dilemma"

penny stock chaser, carmex, the
naga viper, bloggie, the hedgehog’s
dilemma, please don’t spend the
pretty pennies, gabbiano, the
line zinger, down already, i
continue to reach for you,
ctg g cluster, leather sink,
we need more q’s, chicken
marbella, the snout-to-tail
cooking trend, persons who
stutter, to mail it in is to,
crumpled city map, the taste
of penny, how do you know
when the poem is done, i
made this little booklet,
coltan, encouraged habit
of coughing, cloud power,
trendoid hillbilly, the
current peeps, let colour
fly, let money fly, who’s
this girl, bodies touching,
this is nine what, giants
and low blows, nigh mint,
couple of mysteries for
curry, colour goes gray,
in this instance, mint,

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