Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"kala mojakka"

bad kissing genesis, your address
is unique, the dada blindfold,
what does the sign say, the tantra
splits, dot tamp, the sayingness of
it, do you see the news, swabs,
abstract toner art, myosin actin
alchemy, alt cunt, share the
welt, unletterpressable, before
my time here, lettraset porn,
aeshna, an actual typewriter
and an actual photocopier,
walmartopia, kikiyu, mike
foot, the corner of yonge and
temperance, never opened it cuz
there’s nothing in it, theme
attic, poetry digitisation,
which way the letter flies,
collective hysterical stigmata
syndrome, reusable bldg,
the price of rise, feelia
sour, kala mojakka, biotecture,
do you want me to say
something, cybertooth,
emphasis on the lust,
fly-happiness, scarelights,
something wild, soteriology,
solar salt, paper for the
nose, lew burdette, sawback,
don’t worry about the
halfness of it, full,

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