Thursday, December 05, 2013

"cananga odorata"

physella johnsoni, huffpo, one
document pending, cyst explosion
home, cananga odorata, voodoo
trance, the inception totem, bot
relationships, had an extra
coupon, the ink seal, nineteen,
mcafee family protection,
inappropriate content, social
networking risks, easy to see
difficult to describe, i wanted
the orange ones, mental health
you loon, it’s a drop shadow,
how many more days, mcl cluster,
a day without sex, daphne odjig,
a few speckles of overkill, all
the bits are taken care of,
mount morris, the printer’s fist,
identity systems, the gessen
affair, bodily anxiety, mere
what was it, drooze, the book
we were inhabiting, we still
have another wall of text,
the exact second the ink ran
out, parrot doll,

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