Thursday, December 26, 2013


the singularity spread across the,
riemann’s hypothesis, not a single
canadian, but the envelope was
not even sealed, surreal pain,
always with an eye to, one does
not need a champion, fill in
the black, anti-mold chip, i thot
i could see some glasses under
there, the payline, keep it local,
the most outstanding philanthropic
company in the world, voodha,
the orangery, pussy to the limit,
goluose, cyberflirting, scouser,
wikiality, meditate on it,
hello is this dwayne, filter
cluster, deal with drugs,
coffee thru the nose, meng,
saturday ten am, potshot
apocrypha, a mental health
consumer, i don’t really
wanna copy it, leftwitch,

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