Saturday, December 28, 2013


the weekly shitload, shelf-life,
magnitogorsk, canned sleep,
emotional ecology, vimy, the
cliteria, i’m just borrowing this
food, worst cake scenario, too inky,
counting crumbs, a wad of poetry,
recalci trance, margaritomancy,
hyacinthous pervinciveness,
catharism, the bloom box,
razor-thin discs of baked sand
treated with proprietary inks,
microwork, samasource, ten
work wiki, scanlife, fontnotes,
the lines are reacking, focus
on the blank not on the text,
you can’t go both ways at the
same time, we do not need to get
this paper moving, the artist
prefers to remain anonymous,
not sure if we got the word
right, the word for it, actual
natural, toner gold, the
creature continues to evolve,
goodbye survivor, we thought
you might have staying power,
floating free from the
page, iconic toner, who do you
want to love, ask the karen
eliot oracle, retire the
text, copied forward,
elblagu, tender button,

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