Monday, December 16, 2013


this is not me this is my avatar,
smorgasborgasm, show cause,
your fierce brand loyalties,
orange transport, starbright,
anal bleaching, break the
paper habit, if it’s fresh,
think of something, genre
prejudice, yacub, downpression,
banquette, proem, gynesis,
robert yarber, alikewise,
calibrate text, this ought to
make for a good run, album
cover hours, did you read the
not read, ih, river unriver,
mock author, red lather, tird,
fuzztoner, eeksea, i’m seeing
people in there, gamzenheuvel,
fuzzy eyeballs, let them fade,
get the date, retire the love,
the last of the pain, remain
dictated, rocky hope, jump in
a level, meat date, riverun,
mock art, author in the bag,
futile code, red montage,
attem attem attem, tyremouth,
you’re getting some windowing,
kingfit, toner loner,
azcuénàga, greenville,
vesterbrogade, magic day,

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