Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"maha byn"

yeah but misspelled only on
the cover, bagazine, cassenoix
moucheté, the first thing you
look for is a word, pink thread,
the blue mandolin, you can
swoop in any direction, you’ve
drawn a hundred thousand cats,
half man saint, webdoc snaildoc,
eat guilt, no me today, i would
like to see you in action, one
single pixel, feestdagen, dump
sand dumpster, nothing is
contained in this text, hey
you dropped some threads,
undermilk, laffs but not leafs,
leisure scientist, the blind deck,
bracelet made of pennies, the
tale of the diatribe, wangsta,
katier, criminally happy,
get-poor-quick scheme, just
the one thing, wall of
revealing light, euro light,
all you needed, yea-yuh,
omni-satisfaction, gestaltung,
exposition hall in cremaster,
maha byn, the shaman’s hat,
orange coloured mushrooms,
concrete guests, nabebess,
the same paper ten years
later, striking but illegible,
give me at least twelve point,

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