Thursday, February 27, 2014


deface yourself, boxes of death,
love is all in your own head,
would you climb mount everest
for me, battersea sofette, baby
mind, tard art, wrap nothing,
la perruque, sit on my facebook,
mesth, let the autocorrect have
its way, selling your identity,
arc minutes, wrecking eye ball,
head cleaner, sixty-nine cents
on your credit card, two bits of
rubbery goo, the signature of the
non-existent man, chip-enabled,
postal machine damage,
overlimit, blond sable, eating
on plastic, creditsmart, try
dissuading it from eating
pennies, broca’s aphasia,
misidentifiable, the pour-soi,
plogiston, human and economic
contradictions, working-class
literature, active
individualism, undinism,
the concrete pursuit,
ming, why does the spellcheck
allow these all cap jumbles,
this afternoon if, if has
already been blocked,
agathocles, chickenscratch lit,

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