Thursday, February 20, 2014


one felt exspansive, expansive no
ess, cyber war, dct, dali’s love
affair, ceac, you can make as
many copies as you want for free,
pepper bratwurst, banas, blind pig,
pour-autrui, i am love alone,
clamdance, auto-fluorescence,
headshot, bacterial computing,
quantum computing, exonyms,
endonyms, gorbys, skwxwu7mesh,
think indian, the chickenscratch
ten years later, this one line is a
little too long, cease filling
blank, does this seem worth
producing, the upper let, back
away from the text until, one
copy broadside, we need a make,
toner disgust, excess cluster, one
of these letters is out of line,
whiteout the culprit, include
metal in your art, picking up
a bit of blur here, no pajamas,
the blur is not on the makeready,
ell, you might need to clean
later, the money side is concealed,
why don’t you just use your
rubberstamp, ocz eye, the
possibility for confusion is
encouraged, i should give
you credit for that, the
you’s referent fluctuates,
defacebook, whitewash this,

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