Wednesday, February 19, 2014


recap after use, namara, i’m not
banishing you: i’m setting you free,
mizz arson, benefish, how do you
print on cloth, turn it all into
a magnet, migraine poetry, please
no organic material, ximaira,
the jersey devil, edmonton
boreas, lemnos, kypreos, huselius,
the black iron puck, medea, talos,
the golden girdle, karakas,
zubrus, boll, mythological
hockey, racine wisconsin, no blog
obligation, one buys silence,
one buys nothingness, one buys
meat, mustard cluster, gold
microdot, program is not responding,
nanoportation, grep, facticity,
psychophysiological disequilibrium,
ideational worlds, make it the
house font, we are still
outlasting, the original is in
blue, i’d rather be reading
alan watts, still stuck in the
wake, hauberkhelm coverchaf
emblem, penny babies, strawberry-
garlic mackerel, down below
the line: nothing, kicking open
the doors of perception,

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