Sunday, February 16, 2014


a rubberstamp is a joy forever,
this is my most famous piece of
writing, goablewith, blue velvet,
nothing vespa, mod as opposed to
rocker, rubber fragment, there
must be something special, ride
your own ride, fluxus canucks
east, a hamilton, we the people,
you really get it, jeux carn,
net proceeds, so you were buying
drugs, we can’t dip below two,
cach, cluster of envelopes, cow
kill lines, five hundred coffee
filters, year of the gold, play
the canadian bank note, truth
is not untrue’d by reason of
our failing to fix it on paper,
cunnus, cramoisi, the goof in
the baseball hat, how do you
know when a poem is finished,
isolato, inglish, socialities,
yonsei, sansei, nisei, issei,
saint james’ concrete bastion,
the social fiction, strelitzia,
concrete inequality, automa,
the writer is wasted, strange
things dredged up, the the
the the, brayou, intel nite,

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