Saturday, February 15, 2014

"diagetic flow"

does the shape have a title, you
two widely divergent are converging,
please acknowledge receipt, how
do you define yourself, guloien,
precious paper keeper, the hand that
wrote this, investing in art with
your entire being, choose an identity,
sugar ross, everyone wants tangible
gods, microcrash, a zoomer, a one
hundred lot, blake gorgonzola,
bread cluster, libidinis expers,
bongo antelope, the fish started
to get a little high, butterfly
map, space oblique, healpix,
bipolar oblique, diagetized,
goras, mem, chance of escape to
the holy, azaam, concrete
historical moment, the freezing
of diagetic flow, canadian
helicopter exercises, here comes
an earwig, fugu, poena, smersh,
to sentence or not to sentence,
nothing comes up on google,
every day you walk by the
help wanted sign, feel free
to break these lines, when
the rubberstamp was still

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