Friday, February 14, 2014


maybe we should get a table,
a little something i made, five
is being optimistic, the ruler has
a wow in it, nigh wholes, alone
for good, pen spinning, complexity
avalanche, kensington tart, down to
four twenty, cornucopy, your cashier
today was self, cluster of bubbles
swirling in the centre of the
coffee, we gotta keep above two,
it’s easier to eat it, packs squalls,
these frags, the vou club, vicious
little girls are no longer
cauterized with a red-hot iron,
capping the speakers list, artists
of interest, postage-stamp colony,
reishi and pom-pom, i did a
reading, schizo-affective,
polyolefins, all you need is
pen and paper, cunning stunts,
feel free to adjust the font,
just ignore the hole, a website
ten years ago, how do you like
them apples, the truth about
time, unit of copy, unit of
forward, anonymous art, ells,
a misprint disaster, after me
come the void, replication
losses, repetition, too close to
the edge editions, freep, the
staples came thru into the
text a bit, unit of oh,

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