Tuesday, February 25, 2014


automatic black, hash marks,
trance meditation, concrete hike,
check your self out, it’s the in
source, paper salami, bacon cluster,
the micro-local, spaces of hope,
flexible accumulation, militant
particularisms, catching catch
phrases, ex aequo, dérive, i too
am woman, h, philosop her, il
était une fois, formal clusters,
emmett till, one imp act, one
million fonts, replicate garbage,
just change the name of the
file from temp to perm, this
is nothing but a little
photocopy, photocopy with
rubberstamp additions, the
blank dollar, if it is a novel
then publish it, admix, the
plans we had went, doubles
eye dead, that’s not just any
all, wall a wall of text,
exchirps, photocopier broadcast,
it’s getting mighty distorted,
the sorespot is no longer sore,
boo-key, the noise has become
the figure, illegible directions,
the smudge may have had
meaning once, the gang
green, the typewriter is
failing, coming soon to a,

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