Tuesday, February 18, 2014


stuttering genes, schizomaps,
quickling, shwibly, everybody’s
high on consolation, mooland,
bhl and botulism, rubberstamping
is making art, cluster of toques,
take advantage of that gap, you
shall have the body, market
extremism, carbon pricing, a
defense intellectual,
mountain substance, pourquoi
nier son père, last accesses,
naked life, ostensive language,
form-of-life, is it intarsia or
intarisia, give one line to
yourself and one line to your
other self, these four letters
is such a vast thing, you
could try to dig the book out,
bonk knobs, it means a lot more
with the proper layout, if you
can’t tell you will have to
remember, siècle des lumiéres,
does the work of art have a
title, you can’t really tell
that ten years separates the
writing, dip the paper in the

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