Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"cryptothecia rubrocincta"

why not just use glue instead of
staples, polyribbon, mediogres,
patina process, not a bad doodle
for a child, the artwork of lunatics,
busy being indifferent, rubishaw,
bikini and goosebumps, underground
internet, killer logo, shit on my
pinky, coban kopegi, coupon value
is one hundredth of one cent,
dv daniels nj, i don’t plan on
sticking around another forty
years, the manana project, fake
boost, cryptothecia rubrocincta,
zolotone, borrow food, lug grub,
this trips for you, art out of my
face, scrying ball, orange mass,
spiriti, inchina, hyper-colours,
tunc, cheese steak, arc seconds,
slurpee, contrary to earlier
hypotheses, freefield, the
curse of human events, clusters
of berries, logicide, tangiblize,
eighteenth century hangover,
absolute gibberish literatur,
do you have any hope for the
text, do you have any hope for
the blank, fore and aft and
eve, the line is constrained,
words we wish we could
forget, cum automatically,

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