Sunday, February 23, 2014


hazelnuts and lamb, boast office
pox, garbage and concrete,
faceplant, seven millimeter,
energel, can i borrow your card,
alladin cluster, bourdon polaire,
encre gel lisse, e-post box, a dollar
eleven a day, meditate on the
envelope interior pattern, logocide,
quarking, bloxster, lewes, de la
musique avant toute chose,
palla, lotophagoi, a bounding
surface, le paradis n’est pas
artificiel, catena, fisci
liberator, a pudding wrestler,
temazepam, immanence is peace
transcendence is war, overpsyched,
initializing world, funkup,
cebuanas, a moss terrarium,
what about all these things,
don’t be fooled by the lack
of comma, no mind is reading
this text, all this text is
worthless, emergency pen, you
ruined it with your ego, back
when you could mail a post-
card for a penny, we need to
get this art out of the
light, social boxing, alt
current, spiking mike, vide
grenier, it’s funny how you
can split a gut, collogged,

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