Friday, February 28, 2014


the whitewash makes it art, visual
poetry and all the rest, forever
means now or never, watermark:
north america without mexico,
got the city right, face amount,
inglis, one is warped and wefted,
full of win, emotional reality,
traskee, i seem to have lost control
of my brand, nowandlater,
araki, nobody deserves, where the
hell did you get five grand,
oka providence, chee ree coo, the
illusion of being loved, une
grande amoureuse, newspaper
comic strip penny, trachiniae,
all blank, not even a search
engine can help you with this
reference, you kind of overdid it
with the i lamp sand cluster
there, it look complete but it
ain’t, what’s this letter
protruding into the margin,
scratch face, this is where
the text got cut off,

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