Monday, February 24, 2014


do you have problems with your
senses, living the cyberlife,
making the loopy gesture, frop,
sweat dome, non-governmental
individuals, the empty chair
crisis, haiti and claim expertise,
habafropzipulops, perhaps you
need your doors of perception
opened, one enn or two, one thing
i do like to share, faxial, ink
sixty cluster, oh wait my data
is still on there, m, concrete
independence, home children and
the enchantment, the historians
left blanks in their writings,
i mean for things they didn’t
know, felt on the pulses,
labyrinth of concrete, extended
metaphorical clusters, a
microdot of text, there’s a lot
to be said for repetition, the
only place i want to get to,
examine the garbage ten years
later, what are you saying
yes to, hazelnuts and mutton,
affected to some degree by the
light, where’d you get the
envelope, nobody wants to
hear what you are saying,
pink enuf, i want the
complete works, frizipski,

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