Saturday, February 22, 2014


jetstream uniball, masochrist,
north texas, dropped in the snow,
craik saskatchewan, save the
contaminated ones, tlazolteotl,
imunitass, brown-bridge,
gorilla in a suit, abad cabal,
no you did not have a hand in
this, sacto, spinnaker, the new
freak lemon, bombus polaris,
panes, lipodystrophy, ham
hang, erected in honour of
a critic, elinfant, moobs,
quaoar, spider maki, no
indication, twists tax,
postal insects, cinnamon
bum, smearing cluster,
oak brook illinois, this
whole big box for this tiny
bit of paper, copy number
one seven five eight four
eight eight, six grand
interest, only a lunatic
would look, to become in
concrete, pin money, the
light woman, revetted, exra,
the onlie begetter, to be
brought to book, word riot,
whimbrel, ectopic,
febriphobia, axiology,
just scratch a line,
salvage face, irresponsible

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