Monday, February 17, 2014


institute of applied poetics,
copper penny hearts, predictive
text, ultrahyper, orange bread,
toques for texans, it didn’t say
all but it does now, milk and
meat, learned fear, talking to
neurons, dissociated, contact
barriers, sexual plasticity,
transferences, phases of
organization, happened early
in childhood, somonnynge, an
old peculiar bottlecap, hick’s
store, catawumpus, you went
to the website but, ell jay oh
dee dot eye ess, the gene for
stuttering, the purpose of text
is to accumulate more text,
the oak of droll, what is this
rock called, tiffany lamp
sand, wow here’s something
special, wagamama, the envelope
is wide open, bone god, potlatch
is for women too, everybody’s
got a rubberstamp, backyar,
too much energy lady, we wrote
this twenty thousand years
ago in a cave, there might be
a connection, bamboozle ya,
right this is nothing, the
palmal eye, a worked
surface, the protrusions,

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