Sunday, November 30, 2014

"mina totino"

techwall, treponema pallidum,
luvox cr, waynestock, astro
kokuho, rcsy cluster, loonie
times, what do you do with a
book when you’re done with it,
delible, recipient design, code-
switching, to page, castle
executive homes, equus caballus,
falco peregrinus, buy a little
talk, postal project, keep your
eyes on the hole, dance of
death, the knowledge that you
know, no scare quotes, cr ch,
albacarla, crabpo, mina totino,
ready terms, who painted the
paint, is timewell you,
tsunami editions, blonde bembo,
vixpo, the ark sakura,
felpsburg indiana, emperors
of wyoming, autohypnosis,
kobb salad, loved the package,
pensacola, this atrium, calls
the two a turd, intoxicants
hurt and i crash the car,
using one pen, his signature
number one, • , rare calgarian
vowel insect, found
disrupted, air the poems
out, bestspoon, lost in the
vault, deshrinkwrap it,

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