Thursday, June 06, 2013

"chop wood carry water"

chop wood carry water, cooter,
keep your options open, unis, art
déco, harris water treatment
plant, acid-free staircasing,
the odor lingers, four-ten,
six hundred and fifty games,
final copy gummed, spiles,
communicating vessels, cowboy
hat eyes, trébuchements, the
q technique, will murderers,
beyond psychoanalysis, an
artist manqué, fapa saps,
hecto, gelatin versus agar,
shame-humiliation syndrome,
autoscopic syndrome,
parietal brain damage,
paretic psychosis, as long
as you don’t breathe, what
looms large to you, tesla’s
titles, pr cd cu vn vr line
number, the poems of du fu,
ruarklewis, the politics of
pleasure, refiguring
identities, critique of
cynical reason, ornament
and crime, considerations
of illegality, let’s have
a dream,

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