Friday, June 21, 2013


hyper-novas, transphorm,
autopsychographia, astroturfing,
violet cervidae, erase hate with
compassion, submishmash,
gulden draak, axe zen,
cshocg b cluster, twenty-five
dollar gray, luc zhe, yen yen,
hop toy, a magazine burglar,
med√ęcine, chut, ketchum
money man, the blind baggage,
the jasmine revolution, sho-goh-
wah-pee-way, um nay, the
thrifty-gene hypothesis,
furano-coumarins, diadromous,
a cluster of stalactites,
system of the dutch hex,
fexer, make dirty clean,
the poor mind of the beholder,
forward said the lunatic,
you want an actual token,
now what about your body,
sopt the additions, the
snoozers, double bind, dsa,
chantal tahiti, the
trancers, send it on or
send it home, a replica
of the filth,

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