Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"body sugaring"

body sugaring, akmak crackers,
ashunya, avant-conservatism,
crossflow radio, a ceremony
of nothing, alphonse inoue ex
libris, tota, incommunidada,
saxo, the question was meat,
la binchoise, lupulo, mar ram,
vidigal, look at the fat,
shizen, imagine freedom,
suburban lunacy, psychic
howellism, kolchak, word joy,
bun motaism, burnt orange
pant legs, glide shimmy,
agapanthus, protea, lunasa,
ideath, gimme some margin,
microscopic view of paper,
yeah but is it art, ice
sculpture in gallery, more
or less interesting fields
of words, metaerror,

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