Monday, June 24, 2013


metapragmatics, lexicogrammar,
hits casino everyday, lengual
engineer, tipitina, penny lane,
chaos flesh, pharming, passage
a l’acte, the relation to the
impossible object, the white man’s
metal, my dry spell, waterloo
waterloo, braine-l’alleud,
interrupt your cunnilingus,
vcmk b b cluster, softly,
double eight dark, it’s a
rectangular stack of lightning,
the original goes one way, cold
lips, put your marks up on a
pedestal, dobbelhus, mad marks,
the thing itself on the day
itself, hanig, blow a grand,
do you want to consolidate,
he did not wish to go home,
her crashing everything,
fletcherizing, system of
silence, pileus, dream-reading,
a penny saved for a rainy
day, grease first, date
illegible, take a break
for sex,

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