Sunday, June 16, 2013


disconnectophobia, the great
mail art swindle, linguistic
mestizaje, booyah, wakarimasen,
hello kitty, metanoia, dirhams,
neoist-buddha, rhizomusicosmology,
wasabi, cscblg cluster, canada
post foundation for mental
health, karl kolchak, celebrex,
space aliens, graydon beach,
the politics of wine, pineal
gland, the crazy panick, nothing
is wrong with me, marzipan is
only marzipan, mississippi
pearl, damaged in handling
in the postal service, two
hundred and two billion
pieces of mail each year,
how are you two working,
there’s a checkmark on it,
pencil mark, two eleven, from
hightstown to east windsor,
wait before you tear it
apart, irving texas,
empowering youth, stopping
his jolt, brum, the bertillon
system, clonazepam, 

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