Sunday, June 09, 2013

"epigenetic poetry"

epigenetic poetry, bentonite,
valendining, critics huge enough,
stefan gonzalez, shant tell,
olympia, eyes and stalagmites,
oranges forever, magic temple,
gorotica, betty brown, beyond
the process, arte italica,
flash rosenberg, art shul,
reagan patriot missile,
excessive replication, beating
each other with slats from
the sinking ship, if we had
only seen this once, mall art,
ice nine, art in excess, worm
work, lame art, an examination
of conscience, saint bernardus,
abdijbier, watou, tea as a
drug, crush cluster, croom
cluster, thing you’ve never
done before, polyptych, tic-
tac, koofuh, people money, the
diacritical mark, moment
of humiliation, tusker,

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