Tuesday, June 11, 2013


perseveration, krumping, telegony,
ministeck, ahnenerbe, redboned,
architectures of arson, pop up:
mash down, xenotext, teeth
floaters, venus texas, postal
corps, flamazine, jezreel’s
tower, maredsous, non disperdere
nell’ambiente, licking failed,
black chocolate, ldl v aa,
the composition of grocery lists,
cloaca voodoo, nombre fango,
loop cluster, we never cut it
open but we did peek in and
see, performance piece: do as
thou wilt, to do now, cloaca
tostada, single et chore,
mute um mote, nest o’ sim,
file impaction, yolloh, one
would like to walk thru
that landscape, bodhi
sadduh, eran zaidel, fiat
x-one-nine, fish oil, karen
wood, whole hog, valtrex,
womb tanks, tardive dyskineasia,
stope, bimbo dirt, golden zing,
wooden touch, the days go on
beyond, image farmer,

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