Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"tesla coil hobbyists"

tesla coil hobbyists, anosmia,
burek, langos, bread cluster,
bright burned orange, disowning
projection, ego-psychology, the
literary pimple, factor analysis,
the antiplace, china nose, mouse
mountain, corno, finish activities,
the violent bear it away, the
financialization of daily
life, the dreams of ada, the
golden age of paraphernalia,
zones of instability, after
euphoria, temporal transmissions,
murderous squaredance, the
noulipian analects, supposing
the subject, supercitizen,
space difference, oscillate
wildly, edgework, the obscene
bird of night, annihilated
time, disrobing the aboriginal
industry, language death,
empires of the word, death
drag, noman, the book of the
body, on anti-photography,
beyond ethnicity, canadians
are not americans, how stories
mean, words with power,
space site intervention,
poetry and the fate of the senses,

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