Thursday, June 13, 2013

"salvinorin a"

salvinorin a, greazing, cum
concert, fluxtone, the mack,
facekook, gustave courbet
l’origine du monde, sin tag me,
updates are ready for your
computer, casa zoo, brasseries
maroc, volubilis, brasserie de
casablanca, how to make jasmine
tea, smell the paper, keens globe,
konig ludwig, g m c b cluster,
tailfin all, ci-contre, levolors,
the betweenbrain, mossback,
on-air promotion, it just has the
one little hole, waldrebe,
headstone drive, gar seventy-two,
jackson pollock in quotation
marks, or a gina, stefan 
gonzalez, i consider this a
form of harassment, send this
to me, bring your own blank,
you can hardly tell it’s a
fake, does any body remember
film, united dollars of
america, crayola anarchy,
jay oh double-you, actually
get, ride the buffalo,
google erotic vegetables,
we got a backwards, the trees
so clustered, borkhuis,

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