Monday, June 17, 2013

"the total flow of the radio"

the total flow of the radio, moss
topped rocks, content farms, htt
plethore, cenbankers, pobiz, shunya,
kamayana, kmagyoyo, amount you’re
paying, we need to deal with
this money, invisible means,
kicker cluster, garifuna,
denominazione, ruffino, firenze,
zinédine, krishna orissa,
mukalinda lopburi, high teck
paper, toner stretch, emaciated
sakyamuni gandhara, maya
mara, zamia, château housemen
easement, ushnisha, urna,
bhumisparsa, dharmachakra,
amida, vitarka, element in
the history of cultures,
elizabeth herbert curatorial,
one or two things to copy,
what do you intend to do
with this text, leave it hole,
starfish chair, total chair,

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