Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"financial terrorism"

financial terrorism, quorn,
runnoft, gustav gun, haleakala
silversword, eye-tracking laptop,
chris putnam, miskwabik,
vulgary alberta, bunk murder,
acrylic alphabet, tripmania,
not packaged, insane people with
money, yeah but how did you
get it paid off, present tyme,
obolon, up and over the line,
cluster of empties, spin cluster,
strip cluster, the final bit,
luigi testa, incoherence society,
shining city, claim the centre,
fishalo, moisture activated,
something one would not have
expected to occur, tox, nader,
crashing the party, skyblab,
living arc of the covenants,
auto-resurrection, zero
human population, pringle
bells, bigger than hummer,
salmon belly, the paper is
coated with, a courtesy
flush, croton, deep scaling,
gunnite, clicking injury,
fragile margin, metasex,

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